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  • 2 Proven Marriage Savers

    2 Proven Marriage Savers



    In the bustling journey of life, where days often blend into each other, the sanctity of marriage can sometimes feel strained by the mundane challenges of daily living. It’s crucial, therefore, to inject your relationship with fresh energy and understanding to keep the love alive and thriving. That’s where “marriage savers” come into play—tools and…

  • Jumpstart Frog 1 –  Compliments

    Jumpstart Frog 1 – Compliments

    Jumpstart your day and enrich your marriage with Eating Frog #1: giving a heartfelt compliment to your spouse. Discover the power of daily appreciation.

  • Behind Their Backs

    Behind Their Backs

    How do you feel when someone says something behind your back? It depends. Right? What if they’re complimenting you to your face but they’re stabbing you in the back to your friends, your manager, to family members, and to others? Now let’s turn that around. How do you feel when you find out someone said…

  • Save a Marriage: Eat a Frog

    Save a Marriage: Eat a Frog

    Ever eat a frog? Pretty funny idea, even if it seems gross and terrifying to the frog. How to Eat a Frog to Save a Marriage Start early in the morning. Identify a frog you want to eat. Here are some suggestions: Do You Feel Motivated? If you don’t feel motivated, then you may need…