Talking Behind Their Back

Behind Their Backs

How do you feel when someone says something behind your back?

It depends. Right?

What if they’re complimenting you to your face but they’re stabbing you in the back to your friends, your manager, to family members, and to others?

Now let’s turn that around.

How do you feel when you find out someone said some really nice things about you behind your back?

  • What if you found out they admired some talent or skill you had?
  • What if they appreciated something you did?
  • What if you impressed them with your attitude or courage under fire?

Another way to turn it around

What if you decided to identify things about your spouse or your children or your coworkers in the office or your boss you could say that would make them feel awesome if they found out?

Sometimes a simple and very sincere compliment behind somebody’s back can do wonders for how they feel about you. I would not recommend doing this in hopes they would return the favor, but they may do that anyway. Even if they don’t, it can make them feel good and make you feel good as well.

It can also help make your family life better!